Introduce Yourself, Sir

If you’re thinking, “Great! Mr. Full-of-Himself thinks he needs ONE more opportunity to exude his arrogance. Someone please punch me in the eye sockets right now…” To that I say, I like you already!

No. This won’t be a toplofty arrangement of meaningless sentences and hollow suggestions. There won’t be “clickbait,” (I can’t stand that). I vow to leave you with substance in every post! I want to entertain you, while also refining your real estate palate. If you’ll allow me to be somewhat casual rather than writing with the penmanship of the great F. Scott Fitzgerald, I think you’ll enjoy this blog and find it meaningful.

Why am I doing this?

  • Simply put, an experienced “investor” is usually a wealthy investor. This isn’t what they teach you in school, and I enjoy educating my clients when the opportunity arises. This is a fun way for you to stay on top of a changing industry!
  • I want to empower the public. This is for non-clients too! I want you to be wealthier, wiser, and well-versed in real estate.
  • I’ll be real – it helps me rank higher in the search engines. (LOL)

Enough of the hosh-posh. It’s time for some SPOILERS! What are a few of the topics being considered for later posts as of February 2021?

  • Should I? Ok, yes I will.
  • How to invest in real estate without a mortgage.
  • The difference between increasing a home’s value and its demand (quite different, actually).
  • How to choose the right Agent (and why you need one).
  • A couple more? Okay, okay.
  • What can I claim on my taxes now that I own real estate?
  • Ways to WISELY use your home’s equity. “Dollar bills y’all.”

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. TEACH a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime..

– Anne Ritchie (Chinese Proverb)

You know, I have Bios and About Me’s all over the web. So I’ll leave you with things that you won’t find out there… I lost my Dad to suicide in 2011. He called me right before he did it, and I couldn’t talk him out of it. I’ve lost 5 close friends, three of which were best friends. Some of the best souls I ever came into contact with. Because of this, I learned that life is too short. I try to love people as much as possible without being taken advantage of.

I was raised on a small farm by elders who taught me that you look someone straight in the eye when you shake their hand and your word is your worth. I believe that you should always provide more value than what you’re getting paid for. And I hate politics.. They’re all in it for themselves, which is a shame in an era where we’re the most advanced we’ve ever been as a human race.

I love bourbon! (Leipers Fork Distillery – Green Label is my current favorite) You have to sip it neat, or on the rocks… I love microbreweries (Bad Idea Brewing – Zac Fox is the brewmaster. Best. I’ve. ever. seen.) and wine vineyards… Pinot Noir…Wow, I sound like an alcoholic.

I’ll go toe to toe with any of you at horse shoes! I’m an avid bow hunter and fisherman. I’m building a recurve bow currently out of a Tennessee Eastern Red Cedar tree trunk! Woodworking is what I’ll do when I retire – it’s placid and soul-freeing. Well, that and I’ll have avocado and mango orchards. And I absolutely love anything that is well-built. I also love local businesses. They give a city character!

I don’t do drugs. Never have. I do love a well-written song on any instrument. Few things in this World choke me up… But I’m a sucker for seeing people rise to greatness. An underdog winning a championship, overcoming a disease, beating the snot out of poverty to become financially independent, and watching people refuse to quit. The Phoenix rising out of the ashes! I love it because I’ve lived it.

That’s me in a nutshell people. What you see is what you get. Now… it’s time to get to work! I hope you give blog post #2 a chance! Love you and thank you for following me!

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